Exploring South African music

In Music, the Year 2 children have been exploring a range of South African music.  They have listened to different traditional and Afro-pop songs and practised their ‘appraisal’ skills:

  • Discussing which instruments they can hear
  • Identifying the tempo of the music
  • Considering what they liked/disliked about the music
  • Sharing their thoughts about the music in general
  • Identifying key features of South African music

The children have explored ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’, ‘The Click Song’ by Miriam Makeba and the ‘Mbube’ song (otherwise known as ‘In the Jungle’) performed by the Soweto Gospel Choir.  The ‘Click Song’ was the class’ favourite as they were fascinated by the ‘click’ sound Makeba used in her song using her native language, a sound which does not occur in English.  They all thought she was a brilliant singer and performer, and asked to hear more of her music.

Through this topic, the children have also been developing their understanding of ‘pulse’ and ‘beat’, clapping and marching along to the beat of the music, as well as learning the words and tune of the song to perform together.  They thoroughly enjoyed adding in some actions and performing the traditional ‘call and response’ sections of ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’, with one group singing a line and the other group repeating in back.  They have also been accompanying the music by playing xylophones.

Great work, Year 2!

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