Well done Year 1

In Science this half term we are learning about animals including humans. We talked about our bodies and how the different parts help us move. We discussed how some people lose their limbs through accident or illness and how some people may be born with limbs missing. We looked at some examples of how people have overcome these challenges and become extremely successful at sport, art etc. We had a go at using our feet to draw pictures so that we could experience how difficult it would be without arms. It was fun but we struggled to draw anything that looked more than a scribble! It made us appreciate how lucky we are.
Over the last couple of weeks in PE we have been working on missions set by Commando Joe. Mission 1 was to help Goldilocks cross a river to get to the house on the other side. In teams we had to work together to come up with a plan using the resources available. We then had to build something to see if we could all safely get across the river. It involved a lot of discussion, collaboration and problem solving!