Early Years children have been Scientists this week

We have some fantastic Scientists in our Foundation class this week. Children have been looking at changes. They have been experimenting with coloured water and how to change it from a liquid into a solid. They had some fantastic ideas.

They used coloured water and poured it into cups before putting it in the freezer and timing how long it took to freeze.


“It will freeze to death in the freezer. It will be ice.” Winston


Children predicted what would happen to the water once it was placed in the freezer.


“The water will freeze to ice. When it was water it was runny, it won’t be water when it is ice, it will look hard and solid.”  Darcie


“It will turn to ice because the freezer is cold.” Emily Ann


Once frozen the children took it from the freezer and experimented with ways of melting it.


“We could pour hot water on to it and the ice will melt.” Oliver


The children used spoons to see if they could chip the ice to make it melt quicker.

We also hid cubes in the ice and tried hard to break them free from the ice cups.