Advent blessings from our Early Years family.

Foundation Stage children made their advent wreath this week.  They have been finding out the meaning of Advent.

We found out that the Altar should be covered in purple material and that our wreath should have three purple candles, one pink and one white.”

“The wreath is for Jesus’ birthday. It tells us when his birthday is coming on Christmas day.” Maya


“We made it with leaves form the Holly tree, they are spiky. We put candles in it. We put three purple, one pink and one white. The pink one is  for Christmas Eve and the white one is for Jesus’ birthday.” Lily


“We are getting closer to Jesus’ birthday. We light the candles up. One and then two and then three and then the pink one and the white one on Christmas Day.” Paul


“The wreath is to light the candles. We talk to God when we light the candles. Our altar is purple because it is a special time because we are waiting for Christmas.” Alice