We have some fantastic ‘Bakers’ in our setting today!

Our Early Years children have been taking on a new role today, they have become Bakers.

After listening to the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’  we decided we would use the flour from the story to make our own bread.

We put on our aprons and washed our hands to prepare for our activity.

Here are some of the things our children had to say about the bread that they made.


James – “We put flour and water and some stuff to make it big in the bowl. We mixed it up. We used a spoon. We put it in the oven to get big.”


Elliott – “We popped oil in the black tin then we popped the bread in and then we popped it in the oven and it made it into bread. We used flour, salt and water. We covered it with foil so it could grow before we popped it in the oven. We cut it up when it was snack time and we ate it.”


Maya – “We used oil in a glass and we put it in the grill to cook and when it cooks it gets bigger and bigger.  The crust is on the outside and the bread is in the inside. We used flour to make our bread just like ‘The Little Red Hen’ and the baker at the baker shop.”


Lily  – “We put some oil in the tin and we put some dough in. The dough got bigger. When it was big we put it in the oven and it gets bigger when it cooks. We ate it.”


Darcie – “We used a bowl and we put some mixture and flour in it. We mixed it up with a spoon. We put it in a tin and we had to wait for it to get bigger before we put it in the oven. When we put it in the oven it was big and it got big, and bigger and bigger and it cooked. We ate it at snack time when it was warm.”


Lily  – “We used flour. We put it in the bread and mixed it with some water. We put it in the oven and it got big. When it was ready we took it out. We eat it. I think it tasted bad.”