Five currant buns in the bakers shop.

Foundation Stage children have been listening to the story of ‘Little Red Hen.’ The children were amazed to find out that the farmyard animals were not a very friendly bunch. They didn’t want to help the hen to carry the wheat. When the Little Red Hen asked his friends to help him take the flour to the baker to be made into bread they said no. We decided that the Little Red Hen did not have very helpful friends. We talked about how to be a good friend, we decided that sharing the toys, helping others and saying please and thank you were good ways to be friendly.

We used flour today to make play dough. We added currants and turned our play dough into ‘five currant buns.’ We added red cherry buttons to the top of our buns. We thought carefully about sharing the play dough.

Some excellent counting of our currant buns today.

I wonder what else we can use the flour for this week!