Early Years keeping fit and healthy.

We have been finding out about our bodies over this last half term. Our children have been learning about keeping our bodies fit and healthy. They know to help our bodies stay healthy they must eat lots of fruits and vegetables and make sure they keep fit by taking part in lots of physical activities.

When we go into the hall for our PE session we firstly find a spot to sit on and take off our shoes and socks. We remind children to place their socks inside of their shoes to keep them safe. Children try hard to remove their own jumpers and cardigans and these are placed on their spot with their shoes.

“I can do it myself.” Lily


Children then take part in their own risk assessment of their learning space; they check the floor for anything that might cause harm, such as water or stones.

“I found some water on the floor. We might slip on it so it needs to be cleaned up.” Alice

Once they have removed any hazards we begin our lesson by warming up our muscles.

“We have to warm our muscles up so they don’t get poorly or sore.” Darcie

Children listened very well during our PE session today. They practised following instructions, changing speed and direction, jumping with two feet together, jogging and running.


We finished our session with a cool down. Children are learning the importance of allowing their muscles to cool down when we finish our PE exercises.

We then encourage children to put on their own socks, shoes and jumpers independently.

Finally we line up smartly to make our way back to our classroom.