‘We Eat Elephants!’ – Emotional and Mental Health lessons

This week, Year 2 have completed a 6 week program of lessons called ‘We Eat Elephants’.  These sessions were designed to support their emotional learning and wellbeing, and have been delivered by the Mental Health Support Team.  The lessons ran during the time that children were in lockdown and continued upon their return to school.

The children have learnt to identify and recognise different emotions in themselves and others, also thinking about different situations and scenarios which are more likely to make them feel certain ways.

Then, the children heard some stories about four characters who were facing different problems or difficulties at home or at school.  The children considered how each character was feeling, how that made their body feel (eg. butterflies in their tummy), what the characters might be thinking and how they might act because of that.  They then used their problem solving skills to turn the ‘unhelpful’ thoughts of that character into ‘helpful’ ones, before coming up with three possible solutions to their problems.  They identified some positive and negative points for each of these ideas before deciding which might be the best course of action for the character and how that might reduce their worry or make their problem feel smaller.

Through practising this with a range of characters and stories, the children developed their problem solving skills and created a bank of ideas for lots of different scenarios which they can apply to their own and their friend’s lives now and in the future.

Year 2 have learnt that problems or worries can be like elephants – very big and hard to manage – but that if they break the problem or worry down into smaller pieces, it is much easier to deal with.

Well done Year 2!  You have worked very hard during these lessons and deserve the certificates they were awarded for completing this course.

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