‘Scholars into Schools’ project – Virtual Visit

Year 3 recently worked with some students from Durham University, learning about China.  Jiayu and Xinyu led an online presentation about their home-country and the children thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about life in China, Chinese holidays, games and culture.  Jiayu focused particularly on how Chinese festivals are celebrated and Xinyu spoke about Chinese games and hobbies, especially kites, because kites were invented in her home-town many many years ago!

The children were very excited and were full of questions, which the students were more than happy to answer.  Here are some of the questions that the children asked:

– What is it like to live in China?  What is similar to England and what is different?

– What is school like in China?  How are Chinese schools the same as England, and how are they different?

– What are houses like in China?

– What did you like to eat in China, and what do you like to eat in England now you live here?

– Do you have pandas in China?

– How long did it take you to travel from China to England?

– What does the colour or pattern of the Chinese flag mean?

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Thank you Jianyu and Xinyu for teaching us about your country and culture.