Walking for water in Early Years!

Our Early Years children took part in our school Lenten challenge today to ‘Walk for water.’

Firstly we thought about all the different ways we use water in our daily lives. Our children came up with the following ideas; washing our clothes, having a drink, going for a swim, washing our bodies, giving our pets a drink, watering our plants and flowers and having a bubble bath.

We looked at countries around the world who do not have a water supply like us. Our children were shocked to find out that many children around the world are not lucky enough to be able to turn on a tap to pour a glass of water. We watched a recording of young children walking miles and miles in the hot sunshine to fill buckets with water from a muddy river. We decided that we were very lucky to be able to have running water everyday.

We talked about the ways in which we can look after the water we have and take care not to waste it.

We decided to challenge ourselves to take part in an obstacle course. This was no ordinary obstacle course! When making our way along the course we had to carry a bucketful of water and take care not to spill a drop.

We had a fantastic time taking part and more importantly we learnt a very important message along the way.