Lollipop Catapult Challenge

Can you create a lollipop stick catapult that will launch a mini marshmallow?

You will need:
Lollipop sticks

elastic bands

a plastic spoon

mini marshmallows


a tape measure

Design and build a lollipop stick catapult that launches a mini marshmallow. You may want to research simple ways to build a catapult to help you with your design. Once you have made your catapult test it out. How far did your marshmallow go? Can you make it go further?

Can you challenge someone to make a catapult then see who’s catapult will

launch the marshmallow the furthest.

This activity allows you to develop new skills through many different curriculum areas; Technology to help you design your catapult,

Maths to help you to work out how many of each bit of equipment you will need,

Engineering to build your catapult and

Science to test how far the catapults send your marshmallow through the air.

Extension – You could also launch different objects to see which one goes the furthest.

Look at objects you have chosen to launch and predict (make a guess) which one you think will go the furthest. Why do you think that?

Have fun!

Please send us some pictures so we can see your catapult in action.