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This week all of your activities are based around different kinds of faces and their similarities and differences.

We know that everyone in our class looks different. Sometimes we do have some similar features such as the same hair colour as someone else or the same colour eyes. For example we know that Gabrielle and Daisy both have curly hair.

We know that Jason and Kaiden both wear glasses. But we also know that we can look very different from our friends. For example, we know that Sofia has very long hair and Oliver has short hair. We know that Nina has very dark hair and Iris has light coloured hair.

What would it be like if we all looked the same? How would I know who was who?

I think this story describes how we can be similar and different at the same time.

You will need:

Look at yourself closely in a mirror and draw what you see.

Think carefully about where your features are. Is your nose above your eyes? Is your mouth next to your ear? How many eyes do you have? What is above your eyes? Have you got any freckles?

Think carefully about colour. What colour are your eyes? Do they have any other colours in them? Are your lips red? What colour is your skin? Are your eyebrows the same colour as your hair?

Now sit opposite a family member. Look closely at them. Do you have similar features? Do you think you look similar or different? Is your hair the same colour? Your eyes?

On a piece of paper make a chart or print the one here to tell us about the people in your family?

Are you similar to anyone in your family?

Can you look at the people in both pictures. The pictures look similar. Look closely there are six differences between the pictures. Can you spot the differences?



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Can you find any objects in your house that look like these shapes? A ball, a tent or a box maybe.
Look closely at them and with a grown up have a look at the faces on the shapes. Can you count how many faces each shape has?

Can you draw the objects that you found and label them to tell me what shape they are?

Here is an example

I drew a tube of pringles. What shape is it?

A cylinder, It has 3 faces.

What else has a face in your house? I want you to have a think about this and see if you can find something before I send you some more activities next week.

I’ll give you a clue…………… It has numbers on it.

Don’t forget

Stay safe