Welcoming visitors from Chile

Last week was such a valuable and rewarding one for the children here at St. Cuthbert’s; four teachers from Chile visited St. Cuthbert’s to teach us about their country, culture, traditions and language.  They spent time in every year group observing and helping in lessons, as well as teaching lessons about Chile.  It has been wonderful to see how interested the children are in the world and how curious they are about life in different countries.  Taking the time to learn about different ways of life, different perspectives and different traditions is invaluable and the children have really impressed us with their enthusiasm and interest.  Having Paula, Daniela, Andrea and Catarina here with us for a week allowed the children to make real global connections and develop their knowledge and understanding of the world first-hand.

Foundation Stage

Children in Nursery and Reception spent time working with our Chilean visitors, including making fish fingers!

Our visitors also taught them how to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish!

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Year 1 & 2

Paula, Daniela, Andrea and Catarina worked with children during their Read Write Inc. lessons.  They listened to the children read and the children enjoyed talking with them about the story and what might happen next.  They also worked hard on their writing together, with the children enjoying sharing their work with our visitors.

Children from Year 1 also worked with our visitors during their Maths lesson and Year 2 explored compasses with them in their Geography lesson.

Both classes thoroughly enjoyed learning key information about Chile such as: Chile’s flag, capital city, language, wildlife, continent, population and money, as well as learning some Spanish phrases.

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Year 3 & 4

The children of Lower Key Stage 2 were treated to some Spanish stories, complete with puppets to act out the story.  They also learnt some Spanish greetings and colours.  The children showed great enthusiasm in discovering more about Chile and what life is like there, asking our visitors lots of interesting and insightful questions.

Paula, Daniela, Andrea and Catarina also worked with children in their Science and PE lessons.

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Year 5 & 6

After helping in Science and History lessons in Upper Key Stage 2, Paula, Daniela, Andrea and Catarina taught children some more advanced Spanish greetings and colours, in addition to key cultural and geographical facts about the country.  The children also thought about the different time zones in the world, considered why we have them, and compared the time zones of Britain and Chile.

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It is so important that our children experience a range of cultures and beliefs so that they develop the British values of understanding and respect for all, regardless of differences. It is an important social skill to be able to converse and enjoy the company of others, recognising similarities whilst appreciating differences.


Thank you Paula, Daniela, Andrea and Catarina for visiting us and teaching us so much about your home country!  We hope you enjoyed your time with us!