Foundation Stage Food Offerings

As a school we have been learning about ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and we are striving to become better ‘Global Citizens.’

Foundation Stage have been concentrating on the first three goals this week;

GOAL 1 – No Poverty

GOAL 2 – No Hunger

GOAL 3 – Health and Well being


This week we have been thinking about others. We know that there are lots of people in our community and the wider world who struggle at times to have enough money  to buy their own food.

We have been finding out about healthy foods and unhealthy foods and which we should be eating. The children have made healthy lunchboxes along with learning about which foods give us the most energy and keep our bodies healthy.

Foundation children also know that eating lots of sugar is bad for us and can affect our weight and our teeth. We watched a program about visiting the dentist.

We have also learnt some new ‘food’ songs. You can listen to one of them on YouTube it is called, ‘The super supper march.’

We have talked about people in our community and around the world who often have to sleep outdoors or in houses that are not always safe and clean.

Our homework this week was to bring an item of tinned or dried food from home to add to our school food bank. Wow! what amazing contributions we received. We are extremely grateful to our very generous, thoughtful and kind families. What a fantastic effort, a one that will make a huge difference to lots of people in our community.

Many, many thanks for your support with this.