Paddington Postcards

Year 2 were very lucky to receive a postcard from Paddington recently from London.  Paddington is an ambassador for UNICEF and works hard to help children around the world and teach others about the lives of children across the world.

Paddington travelled from Peru to London and joined the Brown family.  In his postcard, he explained to the class what London is like and some of the sights which you can see there. Children followed Paddington’s journey from Peru to London on a world map.

Year 2 thought about the places in London which they might like to visit, learning more about the capital city of our country including Britain’s historical and current landmarks.

“I would like to visit the Tower of London because I want to see the Crown Jewels. I hope there are ravens there when I go because if they fly away that’s bad.”

“I think it would be fun to visit Buckingham Palace.  This is where Queen Elizabeth lives.  I know if the Royal flag is flying, the Queen is home.  But if the Union flag is flying then she is somewhere else.  I would also like to see the Changing of the Guard.”

“I want to go on the London Eye because you can see all across London.  If it is a nice day you can see lots of interesting views.”

“If I went to London, I would want to visit Big Ben.  The bell is called Big Ben, not the clock.”

“The Houses of Parliament are really important.  That is where the government is and the Prime Minister.  Laws are made there.”

The children are looking forward to receiving more postcards from Paddington from around the world so they can learn more about children from different countries and what their lives are like.  In the meantime, Year 2 are thoroughly enjoying reading about Paddington’s other adventures in the books by Michael Bond.