Gymnastics in Year 2

This term, Year 2 have been working with a Sports coach to develop their gymnastics skills.  They have been thinking about correct posture for gymnastics, using good extension in their arms, hands, legs and feet, and travelling around the room with intention.  They have learnt and practised a range of jumps and rolls.  They thought carefully about how to jump and roll safely.  The children have also been learning balancing techniques.  Did you know that if you look at something still in the distance, and focus only on that, that it helps you to balance…?

Then, the children worked with a partner to combine these jumps, rolls, balances and travelling moves into a gymnastic sequence, with a clear starting position and ending position.  They considered how to make the sequence interesting, using different levels and directions.  Over the next few weeks, the children will be watching each other’s sequences and offering feedback.  They will then evaluate and improve their own routine to make it the best it can be.

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