Karibu! – Welcoming our Tanzanian visitors – Tanzania schools partnership

Last week, St. Cuthbert’s welcomed five teachers from Tanzania as part of our school partnership project.  Each class completed an activity based on the country of Tanzania, including learning to say ‘Hello’ (Jambo) and ‘Welcome’ (Karibu) in Swahili.

It was a lovely opportunity for the children to meet teachers from our Tanzanian partnership schools and to be able to ask questions about Tanzania itself.  The children asked lots of thoughtful questions around topics such as the climate, daily life, common foods, wildlife and currency.  One of our visitors was kind enough to show us what Tanzanian shillings look like…

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After being shown around the school and meeting each class, our visitors spent the rest of the afternoon with the Year 2 class.  They taught the children about the Tanzanian flag and the meanings of the different colours, helped the children research which animals can be found in Tanzania and even taught the children how to count to 10 in Swahili!

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St. Cuthbert’s children and the children from our Tanzanian partner school will be completing a range of activities throughout the year based on growth mindset, challenging ourselves, sharing our cultures and daily lives, and much more. It is a very exciting time and the children thoroughly enjoyed meeting the teachers of their new Tanzanian friends.