European Day of Languages 2019

On 23rd September, St. Cuthbert’s celebrated the European Day of Languages.  The whole school took part in a full day of activities based around different countries and language learning.  It was a very exciting day, with teachers moving from classroom to classroom, sharing their activities and working with children of all age groups.  Children had a passport which they had stamped by each teacher when they had completed each activity.

The children thought about how useful languages can be in the workplace, why languages are useful in an airport and on holiday, explored how many jobs there are where knowing and understanding another language is useful, and considered how welcome and valued it makes someone feel when you speak to them in their own language.

Activities included:

  • matching cities and countries with their flags and language, based on Newcastle Airport Departure board
  • learning how to ask for and buy food in French
  • planning and labeling the contents of their suitcase in French for a trip to Brussels
  • designing a Welcome poster for an airport
  • labeling a picture of an airport to identify different jobs
  • identifying other jobs where language is important
  • watching ‘Caillou prend l’avion’ and picking out key words
  • watching the Air France safety video and picking out key information

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Children from Foundation also joined in, creating their own aeroplane for children to travel on.  They had a ticket desk to sell plane tickets, cabin crew to hand out refreshments whilst they were on the aeroplane and a pilot to fly the passengers where they wanted to go.  Bon voyage!

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It was such a joy to see the excitement, enthusiasm and interest which the children showed towards the activities and towards their language learning.  Well done everyone!