All About Owls

Yesterday, Year 4 had some feathery friends come to visit them…

Linking in with reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ this term and their Science work on owl habitats, food chains and adaptations, four owls came to visit us from Walworth Castle Birds of Prey Centre: a little owl, a Bengal/Indian eagle owl, a barn owl and a southern white-faced owl.  The children loved meeting the owls and learning about them from an expert member of staff from the centre.  They enjoyed being able to ask questions they were wondering about and also sharing their own knowledge from their Literacy and Science work.

The children thought carefully about how to show respect to owls and to make sure they are happy and healthy.  They learnt how important preening is for many owls and therefore how bad for the owls it is to have us stroke them.  The children looked at two feathers – one which had never been touched and one which they had all stroked.  There was a huge difference!  They learnt how precious an owl’s feathers are and how we mustn’t touch them.

Children learnt the definitions of and how to use these scientific words:

  • nocturnal
  • diurnal
  • crepuscular

They learnt how to recognise which type each owl species is by looking at the colour of their eyes.

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They also thought carefully about these following scientific words when asking and answering questions about the owls:

  • plumage
  • talons
  • regurgitation
  • pellets (they even got to see and touch some!)
  • predation
  • prey
  • preening
  • roost
  • camouflage

The children learnt a lot from the owls’ visit, being able to see the birds up close.  It was such a treat to see these wonderful birds in person and learn more about them and how we can help them!  Some children had the opportunity to hold the southern white faced owl.  Here is a selection of some of the pictures:

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