Sports Week

Last week and this week have been full of fun and exciting Sports events for the children to take part in…


The children took part in a ‘Flexi-Fit’ session.  They learnt the importance of flexibility, balance and strength.  They had the opportunity to practise their balancing skills, using a ‘spot’ to focus on to help them not to wobble.  They also completed a range of stretches to develop their flexibility.  The children were encouraged to be mindful and concentrate on how they can stay as healthy as possible.

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Skip 2B Fit

Despite some misgivings about who skipping is really for and how easy/difficult it might be, Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their skipping session with ‘Skip 2B Fit’.  They learnt how fantastically beneficial skipping is for our health and fitness, helping us to develop more stamina, become more agile and developing our co-ordination skills.  (All the best boxers skip!)  They were also encouraged to use a growth mind-set, in the skipping activity itself, but also in every day life.  The instructor emphasised just how important a positive mindset is and how giving up will get you nowhere.  He encouraged the children to be determined and to challenge themselves to be the best they could be.

The children had a great time, challenging themselves to complete as many skips as possible in 2 minutes, before then challenging themselves to raise their score in their next skip.  The children rose to the challenge and their determination was wonderful to see.  I hope they use this determination and perseverance in other aspects of life.

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Inflatable Obstacle Course and Bouncy Castle

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their time on the inflatable obstacle course.  They certainly put their developing stamina, flexibility, agility and determination to good use, with many completing the course numerous times and working up quite a sweat!  They also had immense fun racing their friends and then having a bounce on the bouncy castle.

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