Eid Mubarak

Children in Year 4 have been busy designing and making cards each around the theme of Eid, as part of their ‘Islam’ topic in their RE lessons.

Muslims celebrate Eid at the end of their month of Ramadan, with celebrations happening all over the world this week. Year 4 made these cards to give to Muslim people who have recently moved to the Durham area, to welcome them to their new home and community.

The children had two key designs for their cards. One of the cards had a large crescent moon and some stars on the front. The moon represents the symbol of Islam and some children specifically chose five stars to decorate their card with, to represent the Five Pillars of Islam.

For the other card design, children used their skills in colour washes. They then decorated their Eid card with a skyline of Durham. As a class, they decided they would design this card so it specifically linked into Durham as a special welcome to our county and its famous landmarks. Therefore, the children decided to include the outline of Durham Cathedral and a mosque in their skyline silhouette, to show that although we might have different faiths, we can all live happily and peacefully together as friends and loving neighbours.

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